The River of Bones

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Meanwhile, the humans and their allies face a deadly second front in the Republic to the south. All of Reddy's forces are committed, and there's no turning back.


Either they'll win - or lose - everything Taylor Anderson is a gun-maker and forensic ballistic archeologist who has been a technical and dialogue consultant for movies and documentaries. Taylor Anderson's Official Website. Back News Back Fandom Risingshadow. When he returned, he brought with him a young girl of the Inner Isisi.

The father said nothing, for the boy was sixteen and of a marrying age. The new wife, on the contrary, said much.

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A man of my people would give as much salt as would fill a hut if I would be his wife, yet your son comes to me and takes me and gives nothing to my father nor to me. And when I turned from him, he struck me down. Here is the mark. And Sandi will come and give judgment against me. Let her go, for, even if you are married to her, what does it matter?

That evening he beat his new wife, and her father, arriving in wrath to make the best of a bad bargain, was also beaten to his shame. Then one day there came into existence the Blood Friends of Young Hearts. In native territories, secret societies are born in a night, and with them their inspired ritual. From what brain they come, none knows. The manner of their dissolution is as mysterious. They come and they go; perform strange rites, initiate secret dances; men meet one another and say meaningless but thrilling words; there is a ferment and thrill in life—then of a sudden they are no more.

But when, at a big palaver of the society, an Ochori girl was beheaded and her skin distributed to the members of the order, Sanders went quickly to the spot, hanged the leaders, flogged their headmen, and burnt the village that had been the scene of the ceremony. Thereafter the Five Marks vanished from existence. If he does, there will be bad trouble.

The wholesome presence of authority may nip in the bud the activities of the Young Hearts. Hamilton sniffed. I had him in yesterday morning and insisted on his swallowing three pills. He made a fuss about it, and I had to quote the Army Act. Times when even the pursuit and practice of his latest course of study brought neither peace nor consolation. Bones for such was his name to his equals found a melancholy satisfaction in the phenomena, for these conditions of unease usually preceded some flashing inspiration.

It was as though Nature in her mysterious way ordained that Bones should only put forth his finest efforts after some to him tremendous ordeal. Such a tinge of irritation came to Bones one sunny day in April, and at a moment when he had every reason to be perfectly happy. The mail had brought to him a diploma which certified to his proficiency as an accountant.

He had been elected a Fellow of the Society of Accountancy Wabash , as a result of a course of correspondence lessons conducted by The College of Practical and Theoretical Accountancy also of Wabash, U. His half-yearly inspection had passed off magnificently, with the trifling exception that his books were out of order and that the sum of three pounds one shilling had in some mysterious fashion crept into the credit column.

But this was instantly rectified by the discovery that he had added the day of the month. Bones invariably did this. Generally he added the year. Sanders had praised some work of his; his immediate superior, Captain Hamilton, had been unusually gracious. And Bones was unhappy. There was, in truth, an excellent reason.

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  5. Bones was one of those uncomfortable people who take a passionate interest in every phase of human activity that happens outside their own especial orbit of duty. He was an officer of Houssas. He enjoyed an allowance from a wealthy uncle, he was living the kind of life he would have chosen of all others, and yet Bones was constantly striving toward perfection in professions which had nothing whatever to do with soldiering.

    River Bones

    He learnt elocution, public speaking, newspaper illustration, short-story writing, motor-car construction, law, motion-picture production, engineering, and the after-care of babies, through the medium of weekly questionnaires and test sheets, though without possessing the slightest aptitude for the practice of a single calling which he so assiduously studied. And he read. If he did not actually read them he bought them. Possibly the introductions were sufficient to assure him that they were books he did not wish to know.

    Bones was passing through a phase of intellectual development when the inequalities of life were all too apparent. He grieved for his fellow-men. He despised wealth and spoke glibly and contemptuously of capitalism.

    But for Florence, his life would have been intolerable. Florence was the property of Captain Hamilton. She was a hen, and she was of the Plymouth Rock variety. From her chickhood she had conceived a violent affection for Bones, and Bones, to whom all living things had a soul, had returned her love. There was an embarrassing side to the friendship, for Florence followed him like a pet dog, and invariably inspected the guard behind him.

    And the Houssa has a very keen sense of humour. Yet even Florence did not wholly compensate for the social conditions which were revealed to Bones from week to week in the pages of a fiery periodical which came to him. Even sergeants with privates. Also he said that the land did not belong to Government, but to me and to his lordship. This I report officially. Finding no traces of fever, Hamilton had given his subordinate three large pills, Bones protesting.

    Summoned to the residency, he heard of his projected trip without enthusiasm. Ordinarily the prospect of assuming control of the Wiggle would have brought him to a high pitch of ecstasy. Bones made a grimace, lifted his angular shoulders and threw out his hands—gestures indicating his inability to give a plain answer to a plain question. The condition of society with its naughty old artificial restrictions is positively ghastly.

    It is indeed, old Ham. Bones inclined his head gravely. As yet he is not dangerous. These fellows hold tight to tradition, and until the arrival of the black egg—and the spies say he has been searching for it—there will be no general rising. Florence was perched on the rail of the boat, a brooding, sleepy figure. Undisturbed, she remained when the Wiggle cast off and pushed its blunt nose to the rapid waters of the big river. You be good fellow.

    When the older men join together in dances and call themselves by ghostly names, I say no word, for old men are great talkers and nothing comes of that.

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    But when my young men meet in secrecy, then I know that they will talk scandal. And what is scandalous here in the Ochori but taxation and the punishment I give to evil men? These Young Hearts spoke of me badly, and this I discovered.

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    Bones considered the matter, scratching his nose. And I am not equal to you, Tibbetti, nor you to Sandi. If you are equal to Sandi, speak. When there are ten thousand goats upon the plain, what does any goat see but the goat that is next to him? And how may he know what happens on the edge of the flock, where the leopards come crawling and creeping?