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Do you have anything physically stopping you from achieving your best while riding? Do you:.

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Many riders lead stressful lives. Riders at every level who want to improve their riding, must develop the mentality of an athlete. In other words, get yourself checked out by a knowledgeable bodyworker to become stronger, more flexible and restore any asymmetries you may be unknowingly passing on to your horse.

Looking at the whole horse, statically or dynamically, we know that a great percentage of the horse ailments or health issues, are basically induced through the way they move.

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Unfortunately, these mechanical imbalances bring on underlying issues that will worsen with time. More times than not, it is the rider who is unknowingly creating these mechanical imbalances. Horses will make every effort to accommodate a stiff or uneven rider. However, if this is not corrected, sooner or later a stiff and uneven horse will be the result.

Many riders try so hard to improve their riding, but their bodies fail them.

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Increase range of motion in joints. Having loose and flexible joints, allows the rider to adjust when needed without introducing negative tension to the body. Aid muscles that fire late or do not fire at all. Muscles that turn on late or are completely dormant, will interfere with the timing of your aids. Improve flexibility and strength in muscles. Flexible muscles make flexible joints. This helps in staying with the horse's movement and not blocking his motion. Flexible muscles also make strong muscles, which aid in stability and coordination and allows the body to obtain an effective, efficient, and functional seat while giving aids.

Enhance respiration and circulation. Promotes mental and physical relaxation. Boost athletic stamina and performance.

Builds and maintains a muscular tone for the ability to direct the horse. Advance muscle recovery for repetitively used muscles.

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For less experienced riders, we offer individual hacks. Pace and level of difficulty will depend on the riding skills of the rider. In the summer we can only ride very early morning or later in the evening to the beach, galloping on the beach is not always possible for safety reasons, many people walk along the beach we have to look after the walking people , and many holes and castles are in the sand where the horses could fall or get hurt.

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Ride Out You want to make a variety of rides in the countryside? Characteristics Equipment: We have very good and modern English saddles but also convenient and good Western saddles.


You have the possibility to focus on a main topic for you stay, e. Feel free to communicate your wishes!

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You are also welcome to join our daily training with the horses, as well as the lessons of other students. During your stay you will have room on the farm. All the rooms have a kitchen, so you have the possibility to cook for yourself. Bent Branderup, founder of Academic Art of Riding.