Snake’s Slippery Supper: Age 2 to 6: Bedtime Story & Beginner Reader Phonics (Phonic Ebooks Book 1)

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My kids became lovers of books at very young ages. People would ask how in the world I accomplished this feat since most of their kids thought reading was a boring task. I would always respond to their question with some questions of my own. Do you love reading? What is your favorite book? What types of books are in your home? How long do you read every day? Do you read aloud to your child? How much free time is spent reading vs television watching or video games being played? Quickly I noticed a pattern. Most parents with struggling readers, hated reading themselves.

Alot of the books chosen for their kids to read were the types of books that frankly, I would have found boring too. So I would share my secrets.

Find some of the great classic books. Look for books that enhance a personal interest of yours whether it is gardening, traveling, sports, etc. Share your interest and enthusiasm with your kids by reading at least portions of the book together and talk about it. Teach your kids that books are their BEST friends!

Books open up a whole new adventure that television and video games can never do. I do not want distractions in my home. I believe children will develop an appetite for what they are given. I always encourage my kids to stay away from video games and television because they are killers of the imagination and creativity. If they want to watch a movie and it is based on a book, I encourage them to read the book first. Many times I have heard them lament how the book was SO much better than the movie!

I love hearing my kids share their favorite books with me! And if I ever limited my kids to 30 minutes of reading they would think it was cruel and unusual punishment!! My 9yr old boy was the challenge to get to read. I found a huge book series that captured all his interest.

Cats, fantasy, warriors. In the beginning I would have him read at bed time. He would do anything not to go to bed so reading was his way to get what he wanted.

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Pretty soon we were taking the book away just so he would go to sleep. He started to pick up the book on his own throughout the day after that. Now 16 books later, I have moved on to adding a bit more variety in his reading selection with adding books to the kindle ereader. I knew the day he was hooked when he said, "reading is not a punishment anymore. My sons like to sit in the dog's bed with him and they read to him like he is really listening! Being an avid reader myself, I have always wanted my children to love it, too, so I have read to them daily since they were very tiny, even before they understood the words.

They also had audiobooks on tape at bedtime and in the car. One of my children is dyslexic and needed more than the usual help learning to read, so I learned all I could about dyslexia and learned to tutor him. He now reads on grade level and most importantly, enjoys reading! One thing I also insist on, is that for any movie we're going to see that came from a book, they read it first.

I think it's important for them to picture the story in their own minds before seeing it on screen.

And lastly, just the example they see of me reading for myself daily is invaluable. I am blessed to be volunteering for a children's newspaper, the Circle Gazette, and through that I read it to my girls ages 4 and 6 the stories and articles that other children write and we muse about the poetry and artwork. My older daughter has been able to join on PR events, we recently were invited to celebrate Dr.

Seuss book to a third grade class.

One of our young writers, Sara, age 11, read to the class. Seeing the amazing things kids are writing about has given her a lot of motivation to submit her own artwork and have me transcribe short stories to publish. The newspaper is completely written by children and while most the authors are from our area, it is open to any child in the world, that gives us the opportunity to learn about what 'real' children are doing across the U.

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They just love to see their work in print, in a real newspaper! The printed edition comes out a couple weeks after the deadline, so they usually have forgotten about their submission, it is a treat to see their face light up and this gives them the motivation to start the next story, it is a really cool, self-perpetuating project. I really appreciate the delayed gratification. I have read to my children since they were tiny babies, maybe even before they were born.

I read often myself and I think between me reading frequently to them and seeing me read they have picked it up avidly. My non-reader will sit and look at books for long periods of time and now he has a TAG to listen to them and try to read himself.

As soon as my oldest learned to read herself which she did rather quickly there was no stopping her. I've provided a ridiculous amount to books and read to them often. Apparently a combination of all these things has led them to their own love of books!

We're still working on writing Seeing many troubles, I just started having her copy. She doesn't have to do the thinking, and can practice her writing, and maybe will pick up some good vocabulary words and writing styles in the process. I think always having access to books is the key. We make weekly trips to the library,have family read-alouds nightly as well as leisurely reading during the day.

I read aloud to my kids about two hours a day. They read to themselves a minimum of 30 minutes a day. You will be a lifelong learner in you only read!

My son, who is almost 11, is also a reluctant reader. We do a lot of reading on his kindle together, each reading every other page. I let him choose books that interest him yet challenge him. Before leaving the public school to teach my children at home, an expert reading teacher gave me the following advice, "Always read to your children at least 2 grade levels above where they can read themselves. Expose them to the great literature.

Be sure what they read and what you read to them is well-written and has value, not just what is popular. Now they are both reading all the time,it was well worth the money. My daughter loves to read, so we encourage her to read to us as we do different activities around the house. She will follow us around the house reading.

We also love the Magic Tree House series, so we often will have a day that we decorate a room, and eat something from that era or place and read the book as we eat and relax.