Sea Turtles: A Fun Fact Picture Book for Young Readers Aged 9 and Up

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      9 Terrific Books about Turtles

      Related Searches. Juana Medina's ingenious illustrations nearly pop off the page in her new counting book, ONE One avocado deer saunters across the spread, two radish mice scurry by, until finally ten clementine kitties prance onto the scene - all View Product. Disaster Strikes! Twelve thrilling and terrifying space-mission failures, told by the bestselling author of Apollo 13! There are There are so many amazing, daring, and exciting missions to outer space that have succeeded. This exhaustive guide to over 80 kinds of sharks and various other underwater oddities is definitely designed with kids in mind.

      Not only does it show off some truly breathtaking photography, it also features a series of absorbing x-rays and cross-sections that let kids dive deeper into their favorite sharks than they ever imagined. This nicely illustrated easy reader is perfect for beginning readers who are looking to do some independent reading about their favorite apex predators.

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      If your kid is interested in ocean life — and not just sharks — this is a fantastic introduction to all things under the sea. The engaging, age-appropriate text is nicely matched with some truly captivating underwater photography in a way that really draws kids in.

      Download PDF Sea Turtles: A Fun Fact Picture Book for Young Readers Aged 9 and Up

      This fictional tale, set in the world of sharks the first in a series , follows a young outcast shark named Gray who finds himself caught in the middle of an undersea war, after rising ocean temperatures throw the laws of the sea into chaos. Your young shark fan will love escaping into this action-packed, wish-fulfilling chapter book. Think sharks are the biggest baddies in the deep blue? Think again!

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      Divided into sections like Devils of the Dark and Primeval Predators, learn about everything from the famous Megalodon to the Vampire Squid to the shrimp that packs a 50 mph punch. Full-color CGI depictions of each creature and boxes of data on size, diet, and "predator power" make this a book worth diving into for older kids.

      Many shark books focus on the scarier aspects of all things shark — the blood, the teeth, the attacks.