Nonlinear Model Predictive Control: Theory and Algorithms (Communications and Control Engineering)

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NMPC is interpreted as an approximation of infinite-horizon optimal control so that important properties like closed-loop stability, inverse optimality and suboptimality can be derived in a uniform manner. These results are complemented by discussions of feasibility and robustness. NMPC schemes with and without stabilizing terminal constraints are detailed and intuitive examples illustrate the performance of different NMPC variants.

An introduction to nonlinear optimal control algorithms gives insight into how the nonlinear optimisation routine — the core of any NMPC controller — works. Nonlinear Model Predictive Control is primarily aimed at academic researchers and practitioners working in nonlinear control but the text is self-contained featuring background material on infinite-horizon optimal control and Lyapunov stability theory which makes the book accessible to graduate and advanced undergraduate students of control engineering and applied mathematics. Andrew Viterbi. Mathematics for Engineers.

Georges Fiche. Sampling Theory. Yonina C. Discrete Cosine and Sine Transforms. Vladimir Britanak.

Graphical Models with R. Steffen Lauritzen. Machine Learning. Steven W.

Nonlinear Model Predictive Control |

Language and Automata Theory and Applications. Adrian-Horia Dediu. Concepts of Combinatorial Optimization. Vangelis Th. Bayesian Filtering and Smoothing. Validated Numerics. Warwick Tucker. Planning Algorithms. Steven M. Fady Alajaji. Carlos Vilas. Model Predictive Control. Basil Kouvaritakis. Mathematical Control Theory II. Madhu N. Finite-Time Stability and Control.

Francesco Amato. Solving Fault Diagnosis Problems. Andreas Varga.

Yoshio Ebihara. Networked and Distributed Predictive Control. Panagiotis D. Adaptive Filtering Prediction and Control. Graham C Goodwin. Introduction to Optimization Methods. Excursions in Harmonic Analysis, Volume 4. Radu Balan. Bongsob Song. Feedback Control. Stephen J. Nonlinear Systems and Optimization for the Chemical Engineer. Guido Buzzi-Ferraris. Practical Mathematical Optimization.

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Numerical and Symbolic Scientific Computing. Peter Paule. Guoming Zhu.

Sophie Tarbouriech. Igor Boiko. Stochastic Multi-Stage Optimization. Pierre Carpentier.

Nonlinear Model Predictive Control

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Stabilisation by delay feedback control for highly nonlinear hybrid stochastic differential equations. Optimal control of piecewise affine systems with piecewise affine state feedback. Magdi S. Output feedback overlapping control design of interconnected systems with input saturation. American Institute of Mathematical Sciences.

Previous Article Analysis of multilevel Monte Carlo path simulation using the Milstein discretisation. Some regularity results for a double time-delayed 2D-Navier-Stokes model. Keywords: Model predictive control , cooperative control , feedback synthesis , nonlinear systems , multiobjective optimization.

Multiobjective model predictive control for stabilizing cost criteria. References: [1] A. Schematic illustration of a Pareto front for two objectives. Figure Options. Download full-size image Download as PowerPoint slide. The red parts indicate the nodominated values.