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Her professional success contrasted with her personal life, which was often laden with scandal and controversy. Her political involvement continued with fellow activist and husband Tom Hayden in the late s and early s. In the s she started the aerobic exercise craze with the publication of the "Jane Fonda's Workout Book". She and Hayden divorced, and she married broadcasting mogul Ted Turner in Steenburgen, was a freight-train conductor.

Her surname comes from distant Dutch ancestry, and her roots also include English, Scottish, and Welsh. Young Steenburgen was fond of arts and literature. Mary grew up tap-dancing her way through talent shows and school functions. She was active in her school drama class. After appearing in a number of high school plays, she enrolled at Hendrix College, a highly progressive Southern School located in Conway, Arkansas. Upon the recommendation of her drama professor, she left college in and moved to New York to study acting professionally.

In the past several years, Mary Steenburgen has emerged as one of the most accomplished and sought-after screen actresses. Ever since Jack Nicholson 'discovered' her and cast her as a sassy adventuress in his rollicking western, Goin' South , her career has skyrocketed and she has won acclaim for exceptional performances in each of her diverse film roles. In Nicholas Meyer's Time After Time , Steenburgen was afforded critical praise for her portrayal of a somewhat dippy but liberated young bank clerk in San Francisco who crosses paths, via time machine, with English author H.

Wells played by Malcolm McDowell, who later became her husband. More recently, Steenburgen again impressed audiences and critics alike with her stunning performance as the strong-willed turn-of-the-century Mother in Ragtime Steenburgen is a notable patron of arts. She is also an active supporter of humanitarian causes.

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She has two children from her previous marriage to actor Malcolm McDowell. Since she has been married to actor Ted Danson, and the couple is living in Los Angeles area. After appearing in summer stock for several months, she got her first major stage role in the Broadway rock musical "Hair". As understudy to the lead, she gained attention by not removing any of her clothing. It was during this time that she became involved with Allen and appeared in a number of his films. The first one was Play It Again, Sam , the screen adaptation of the stage play. She then appeared with Allen again in Sleeper and Love and Death In , she broke away from her comedy image to appear in the chilling Looking for Mr.

Goodbar , which won her a Golden Globe nomination. It was the same year that she appeared in what many regard as her best performance, in the title role of Annie Hall , which Allen wrote specifically for her her real last name is Hall, and her nickname is Annie , and what an impact she made. She started a fashion trend with her unisex clothes and was the poster girl for a lot of young males.

Her mannerisms and awkward speech became almost a national craze. The question being asked, though, was, "Is she just a lightweight playing herself, or is there more depth to her personality? When they broke up she was next involved with Warren Beatty and appeared in his film Reds , as the bohemian female journalist Louise Bryant. For her performance, she received nominations for the Academy Award and the Golden Globe.

For the rest of the s she appeared infrequently in films but won nominations in three of them. Attempting to break the typecasting she had fallen into, she took on the role of a confused, somewhat naive woman who becomes involved with Middle Eastern terrorists in The Little Drummer Girl To offset her lack of movie work, Diane began directing. She directed the documentary Heaven , as well as some music videos. For television she directed an episode of the popular, but strange, Twin Peaks In she once again teamed with Woody Allen in Manhattan Murder Mystery , which was well received.

In she received high marks for Unstrung Heroes , her first major feature as a director. As James "Sonny" Crockett he went toe-to-toe with drug dealers, pimps, prostitutes, assassins, illegal arms-dealers and crooked cops on a weekly basis from to , appearing in a grand total of episodes.

The show, which was executive-produced by four time Oscar-nominated director, producer and writer Michael Mann, paired Johnson with the equally cool Philip Michael Thomas as Det. Martin Castillo. It revolutionized television with its modern fashion, pop music, unique style and use of real locations. Vitus' Dance" with his pet alligator Elvis.

He also had full use of an offshore powerboat. Still, "Miami Vice" had not only style but substance, and his portrayal of the Vietnam veteran turned vice detective turned Sonny Crockett into the world's favorite cop. As a kid, he wanted to become a professional bowler. Later, after a few brushes with the law at a young age, he discovered acting. After working on the stage for a while he ventured into films and television, but was not able to break into stardom despite, among other things, starring in the sci-fi cult classic A Boy and His Dog Johnson starred in four failed TV pilots before landing his career-high role on "Miami Vice", which propelled him to superstardom.

He directed four highly praised episodes of the show. After the series ended he focused solely on his film career. Although movies like Dead Bang , The Hot Spot and Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man did not fare well with the critics, quite a few of them have obtained a considerable cult following, with fans praising them as all being quality contributions to their genre.

His film work has given Johnson the opportunity to work with legendary filmmakers like John Frankenheimer, Sidney Lumet and Dennis Hopper. The show, which Johnson created and produced, did very well. He was again paired with a flashy vehicle, this time an electric-yellow Plymouth Barracuda convertible. After "Nash Bridges" went off the air Johnson kept a low profile, but continues to appear in films and on television.

As for his personal life, Johnson had two pre-fame marriages that were annulled within a matter of days. Tippi Hedren, his co-star in The Harrad Experiment , allowed him to date her daughter Melanie Griffith even though she was 14 and he was 22; the relationship culminated in a six-month marriage during From to he lived with actress Patti D'Arbanville and they had one son.

He remarried Griffith in , but divorced in after she left him for Antonio Banderas.

Saga - Generation 13

Since he has been married to former debutante Kelly Phleger, and they have three children together. The series was first published in and many of the titles have been reworked or rewritten in newer editions. Stratemeyer came up with the concept for the Nancy Drew stories, then hired ghostwriters to turn his ideas into books for girls.

The original ghostwriters signed contracts agreeing to never reveal themselves as the real people behind the fictional author Carolyn Keene. Over time, real-life sleuths and Nancy Drew fans followed the clues to find out who the authors really were.

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Mildred Wirt Benson was the first ghostwriter of the Nancy Drew series. All but one of the original Nancy Drew books published in the s was ghostwritten by Margaret Wirt Benson.

As Harriet Stratemeyer Adams took more creative control of the brand, she modernized the Nancy Drew character a bit. Every Nancy Drew book published in the s was also ghostwritten by Harriet Stratemeyer Adams as she became attached to the characters and their stories. While they are still considered part of the original series, these books are often referred to as "digests" or "wanderer editions. Although there was a period of about two to three years where the Nancy Drew Files spin-off was being published, publisher Minstrel did pick back up on the original Nancy Drew Mysteries series in The use of ghostwriters continued and not many of those authors are known.

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While they are considered part of the original Nancy Drew Mysteries series, these books took on a different tone and form. These versions had only 16 chapters and pages. When you read the Minstrel editions, you'll find that both continuity errors and text errors are more of an issue than in any previous books from the original series. Some books in the Minstrel editions series were actually written for The Nancy Drew Files and were re-purposed after that series was cancelled. Sales weren't great, so the original series finally ended in Published by Wanderer, these books resemble a Choose Your Own Adventure style and were spawned out of the success of the Nancy Drew specials that put these popular characters together.

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The authors listed for these books are the pseudonyms Carolyn Keene and Franklin W. Dixon, but the ghostwriters are unknown. The Nancy Drew files series was the first spinoff from the original Nancy Drew Mysteries , geared towards teens, and began publication in Published by book packager, Megabooks, these stories also utilized ghost writers, many of whom are still not known today. Another spin-off of the original Nancy Drew Mysteries was the Nancy Drew on Campus young adult series that served as a way for Nancy to finally grow up.

Twenty-five books were published between and and involved interactive elements like an number readers could call to vote on the decisions Nancy needed to make in the books.