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In his confused state, it was hard for him to feel any conviction one way or the other. A vibrant circus display was in progress inside the arena, watched by a large audience. His attention wandered to a pair of tight-rope walkers balancing high above the arena, one small step away from probable death. That interested him more. A fair reflection of his mental state, yes: a precarious balancing act between remaining Konrad Savast, generally upstanding citizen of Ekamet, and the public perception of the Malykant as a sponsored serial killer.

You really are miserable to be around lately, Ootapi hissed in his thoughts. I am alone in the world and my life is full of horrors, Konrad thought back. Is that enough? He felt Ootapi twitch, a sort of mental spasm crossed with a shrug. Of course, said the serpent. Depressing, he finished.

Konrad thought about that. Can you think of a more depressing job? Konrad went back to watching the show, keeping his mind carefully blank as the performers cycled through their colourful routines.

Soon, something began to change. The bright lights in the tent slowly dimmed as lanterns were extinguished; the arena went dark.

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Then the lamps began to come back on, but this time they threw coloured light across the stage: ghostly shades of green and blue, a haze of purple, a sinister flash of red. Konrad sat up. Night had fallen outside, and now came the interesting part. The previous performers had departed, taking their animals with them, and the arena stood empty. Fog rolled in, obscuring the floor, and the ghostly coloured lights drifted up into the air.

They hovered there for some moments, growing fainter in the fog, and then they began to dance. Next came the eyes in the dark, hundreds of pairs of them, staring unblinking out into the audience. Sceptics — or the more rational denizens of Ekamet, as they thought of themselves — talked of lines and pulleys and stealthy performers dressed in dark suits.

Download Myrrolens Ghost Circus (Malykant Mysteries Book 3) book pdf | audio id:7aoy9xt

Such a thing would be impossible, Konrad thought, watching the whirl of colour before him. It would be far too complex, and everything was moving too fast for such a prosaic explanation to be plausible. When the light faded from the sky, the living slipped away and left the stage to the departed. He knew that because he could sense them, wisps of spirit-forms concealed in the midst of the fog. Accustomed to associating with the likes of Eetapi and Ootapi, his eyes — or perhaps his mind — were sensitive to the shades of the dead, and it both thrilled and alarmed him to see them thus occupied.

They puzzled and fascinated him in equal measures. It was unheard of outside of the circus.


And so he continued to wonder. After a time the lights faded again and the fog began to dissipate. Konrad waited, unsure what to expect next. Traditionally the lights always opened the show, but each subsequent performance was original. How would the ghosts appear next? A shaft of light suddenly sliced through the darkness, illuminating a circular patch of the sandy arena floor. Something lay in the pool of light. Konrad leaned forward, trying to see better around the people in front of him.

Whatever it was lay inert, and he waited in vain for some further action. Nothing happened. The audience began to grow restive, and Konrad frowned, a feeling of uneasiness building in his gut.

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The audience began to reach the same conclusion at the same time, for the whispers grew to shouting and people began to get out of their seats. Some headed for the staging area, some for the exit. Konrad stayed where he was. Abruptly the spotlight went out, and the inert pile of humanity within it vanished from view.

A second light winked into being near the front of the arena, and within it stood a dark figure, a female. She was dressed demurely in a black gown, corseted like any proper lady, but her attire was of an unusual style. The gown left her neck and shoulders mostly bare, long gloves covered her arms, and her skirts were pulled up in swags to display tall velvet boots.

Download Myrrolens Ghost Circus (Malykant Mysteries Book 3) book pdf | audio id:7aoy9xt

There will be an extra performance tomorrow in recompense. We wish you a pleasant evening. Then the spotlight winked out and she was gone. Konrad sat still until everyone around him had left the tent and the buzz of excited voices had faded. What had happened?

The Case of the Glamorous Ghost by Erle Stanley Gardner

It ran all day and all night; that was part of its allure. What could prompt Myrrolena to break with tradition? He thought of the huddled figure in the middle of the arena floor and shuddered. But how, and why? Click to Read an Excerpt Collapse the Excerpt Chapter One Konrad Savast — poison-master, servant of the Lord of Death and gentleman of the city of Ekamet — stood surveying his wardrobe with deep distaste. Master, whispered Eetapi in his mind. Are you well?

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And a dolefully melodic voice that grated intolerably on him today. I am perfectly well, he replied. Related Searches. To catch a killer, send a monster Shadows gather, winter Shadows gather, winter deepens, and Assevan falls farther into the dark. Pitted against monsters and men, Konrad faces deeper challenges. Darker foes. Pushed beyond View Product.

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The Ivanov Diamond. Konrad is called to the death The Rostikov Legacy. The Malykant versus the murderer: will Konrad catch the killer, or die trying? Konrad Savast is the Malykant: the most secret servant of the God of Death. Catamaran Strickjacke mit Applikationen in Veloursleder- Optik. Collection L.