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The spice made you sweat and cool off in the heat! It's all about food and travel on Instagram: We're super keen to explore the African cuisine more! We start Now at It was always on our Christmas menu. Whenever I travelled to Abeokuta we would buy tens of them wrapped in banana leaves.

Chef Ego on Instagram: Ofada rice with ofada stew. This traditional Kenyan meal consists of beans and corn boiled together in a large flat bottom pot, of sufuria.

I can also be made into a stew with meat and potatoes. I love how the dish consists of 2 types of stew and the crazy thing is that they compliment each other so well! My first time visiting Ghana we moved to Belgium. We went out on a Friday evening and, as it goes, on the way home we wanted some food to eat. So we stopped at this lady's stand on the way home and let me tell you, it was sooo good! She put the waakye in a big leaf which made it even better! Isabelle de Robert on Instagram: Second, while Nigeria and Ghana fight over who has the best Jollof, the master and namesake country Senegal is sitting in the corner with its special recipe and shaking its head.

There were people in my neighborhood who would literally leave their house during lunchtime and go to another house. Because the lady didn't cook thieb. Something I still don't get.

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And mind you some houses cook that stuff every single day. I think that's the only dish Senegalese people never get tired of. Mommies-to-be like me love it because it provides all the nutrients we crave! Made with cassava leaves, palm oil and peanut sauce it's absolutely scrumptious with any starch! You can add meat or keep it vegan. Either way, it's number one in my book! This is my younger sister's favorite dish. I am picky, but I love this dish, too. I think any time it comes freshly cooked and hot in the plate And the rest is just bliss.

A dish of grilled tilapia with a beans, boiled plantain, sweet potato, and cassava.

A simple but savory meal that always hits the spot. Ewa Aganyin and Agege bread. The zinc-dependent expression of the putative cg and cg operons was detected in vivo with a gfp reporter system. Moreover, the zinc-dependent binding of purified Zur protein to double-stranded mer oligonucleotides containing candidate Zur -binding sites was demonstrated in vitro by DNA band shift assays. Conclusion Whole-genome expression profiling and DNA band shift assays demonstrated that Zur directly represses in a zinc.

On the use of a markerless system. This paper describes our efforts to employ the Microsoft Kinect as a low cost vision control system for the MIT -Skywalker, a robotic gait rehabilitation device. The Kinect enables an alternative markerless solution to control the MIT -Skywalker and allows a more user-friendly set-up.

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A study involving eight healthy subjects and two stroke survivors using the MIT -Skywalker device demonstrates the advantages and challenges of this new proposed approach. Report outlines gender equity progress at MIT. In , 3 tenured women faculty at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's MIT School of Sciences who were concerned about unequal treatment and the small percentage of women faculty there convinced the university to establish a committee to examine the issue.

The MIT program in x-ray astronomy was, and still is, diverse and productive. Walter Lewin, Claude Canizares, and I as well as those in the next academic generations, e. Such a diverse program involved collaborations with other institutions and of course striving for primacy in discovery and competition for NASA resources. Looking back, I see a high degree of ethical behavior among the observational x-ray community during those years. In competition, we remembered that we might well be collaborating the following year and behaved accordingly.

Many of us in the x-ray community had been friends since graduate school days and did not want to lose those relationships. Am I viewing the past through rose colored glasses? A vignette on this topic: After one rather heated discussion with Herb about this, - I was the heated one; he always remained calm - he left my office saying: The limiting sensitivity to be reached is estimated. Frequency downconversion and phase noise in MIT. High-frequency MHz operation of MIT systems offers advantages in terms of the larger induced signal amplitudes compared to systems operating in the low- or medium-frequency ranges.

Signal distribution at HF, however, presents difficulties, in particular with isolation and phase stability.

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It is therefore valuable to translate received signals to a lower frequency range through heterodyne downconversion, a process in which relative signal amplitude and phase information is in theory retained. Measurement of signal amplitude and phase is also simplified at lower frequencies. The paper presents details of measurements on a direct phase measurement system utilizing heterodyne downconversion and compares the relative performance of three circuit configurations.

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The sample average precision of a circuit suitable for use as a receiver within an MIT system was 0. As the input amplitude was reduced from to dBV variation in the measured phase offset was observed, with the offset varying by 1. The precision of the circuit deteriorated with decreasing input amplitude, but was found to provide a sample average precision of Physik gestern und heute: Visualisierung mit der Schlierenmethode.

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  • Theorie und Praxis handlungsorientierter Medienpädagogik (German Edition).
  • Es fing schon gut an: Damit schlug dieser zwei Fliegen mit einer Klappe: Sein Sohn lernte etwas Gescheites, und er war zugleich in sicherer Obhut. Zur Schaffung einer umfassenden benutzerfreundlichen und nahtlosen IT-Infrastruktur ist die Beteiligung aller organisatorischen Einheiten und Ebenen erforderlich. Commensal microbes, whether they are beneficial or pathogenic, are sensitive to host processes that starve or swamp the prokaryote with large fluctuations in local zinc concentration.

    To understand how microorganisms coordinate a dynamic response to changes in zinc availability at the molecular level, we evaluated the molecular mechanism of the zinc-sensing zinc uptake regulator Zur protein at each of the known Zur -regulated genes in Escherichia coli. We solved the structure of zinc-loaded Zur bound to the PznuABC promoter and show that this metalloregulatory protein represses gene expression by a highly cooperative binding of two adjacent dimers to essentially encircle the core element of each of the Zur -regulated promoters.

    Analysis of the protein-DNA interface led to the discovery of a new member of the Zur -regulon: We demonstrate this gene is directly regulated by Zur in a zinc responsive manner.

    The pliG promoter forms stable complexes with either one or two Zur dimers with significantly less protein-DNA cooperativity than observed at other Zur regulon promoters. Comparison of the in vitro Zur -DNA binding affinity at each of four Zur -regulon promoters reveals ca.

    We conclude that the number of ferric uptake regulator Fur -family dimers that bind within any given promoter varies significantly and that the thermodynamic profile of the Zur -DNA interactions directly correlates with the physiological response at different promoters. Dynamische Motorvermessung mit verschiedenen Methoden und Modellen. Dadurch steigt die Zahl der Stellglieder Aktoren stark an. Kooperative und nachhaltige Strategien sind der erfolgversprechendere Weg, zumindest mittelbis langfristig.

    Der Transporter wurde gedreht, ausgehoben und durch einen Pkw Ford Escort unterfahren. Unbeteiligte Zeugen waren nicht vorhanden. These measurements offer an independent assessment of the dosimetry used at these two facilities, as well as provide information about the radiation quality not obtainable from conventional macrodosimetric techniques. Moreover, they provide a direct measurement of the absorbed dose resulting from the BNC reaction. Finally, an intercomparison of the characteristics and radiation quality of these two clinical beams is presented.

    The techniques described here allow an accurate quantitative comparison of the physical absorbed dose as well as a measure of the biological effectiveness of the absorbed dose delivered by different epithermal beams. No statistically significant differences were observed in the predicted RBEs of these two beams. The methodology presented here can help to facilitate the effective sharing of clinical results in an effort to demonstrate the clinical utility of BNCT.

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    New physics courses on energy are popping up at colleges and universities across the country. Many require little or no previous physics background, aiming to introduce a broad audience to this complex and critical problem, often augmenting the scientific message with economic and policy discussions. Others are advanced courses, focussing on highly specialized subjects like solar voltaics, nuclear physics, or thermal fluids, for example.

    By avoiding higher level prerequisites, we aimed to attract and make the subject relevant to students in the life sciences, economics, etc.