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On 15 March at the age of 22, Caruso made his professional stage debut at the Teatro Nuovo in Naples in the now-forgotten opera, L'Amico Francesco , by the amateur composer Mario Morelli.

A string of further engagements in provincial opera houses followed, and he received instruction from the conductor and voice teacher Vincenzo Lombardi that improved his high notes and polished his style. Three other prominent Neapolitan singers taught by Lombardi were the baritones Antonio Scotti and Pasquale Amato , both of whom would go on to partner Caruso at the Met, and the tenor Fernando De Lucia , who would also appear at the Met and later sing at Caruso's funeral.

Money continued to be in short supply for the young Caruso. One of his first publicity photographs, taken on a visit to Sicily in , depicts him wearing a bedspread draped like a toga since his sole dress shirt was away being laundered. At a notorious early performance in Naples, he was booed by a section of the audience because he failed to pay a claque to cheer for him.

This incident hurt Caruso's pride. He never appeared again on stage in his native city, stating later that he would return "only to eat spaghetti".

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During the final few years of the 19th century, Caruso performed at a succession of theaters throughout Italy until in he was rewarded with a contract to sing at La Scala. Audiences in Monte Carlo, Warsaw and Buenos Aires also heard Caruso sing during this pivotal phase of his career and, in —, he appeared before the tsar and the Russian aristocracy at the Mariinsky Theatre in Saint Petersburg and the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow as part of a touring company of first-class Italian singers.

The first major operatic role that Caruso was given the responsibility of creating was Loris in Umberto Giordano 's Fedora at the Teatro Lirico, Milan, on 17 November Puccini considered casting the young Caruso in the role of Cavaradossi in Tosca at its premiere in , but ultimately chose the older, more established Emilio De Marchi instead.

Lower right: Salanto, medal maker's signature. Caruso took part in a grand concert at La Scala in February that Toscanini organised to mark the recent death of Giuseppe Verdi.

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He embarked on his last series of La Scala performances in March , creating along the way the principal tenor part in Germania by Alberto Franchetti. These ten discs swiftly became best-sellers. Among other things, they helped spread year-old Caruso's fame throughout the English-speaking world. They would sing together often during the early s.

In her memoirs, Melba praised Caruso's voice but considered him to be a less sophisticated musician and interpretive artist than Jean de Reszke —the Met's biggest tenor drawcard prior to Caruso. Caruso's contract had been negotiated by his agent, the banker and impresario Pasquale Simonelli. Caruso's debut was in a new production of Rigoletto on 23 November This time, Marcella Sembrich sang opposite him as Gilda. A few months later, he began his lifelong association with the Victor Talking Machine Company.

He made his first American records on 1 February , having signed a lucrative financial deal with Victor. Thereafter, his recording career ran in tandem with his Met career, both bolstering each other, until his death in Caruso purchased the Villa Bellosguardo , a palatial country house near Florence , in The villa became his retreat away from the pressures of the operatic stage and the grind of travel. He presented the medal in gratitude to Simonelli as a souvenir of his many well-remunerated performances at the Met.

In addition to his regular New York engagements, Caruso gave recitals and operatic performances in a large number of cities across the United States and sang in Canada. He also continued to sing widely in Europe, appearing again at Covent Garden in —07 and —14, and undertaking a UK tour in In , Melba asked him to participate in her forthcoming tour of Australia, but he declined because of the significant amount of travel time that such a trip would entail. Members of the Met's roster of artists, including Caruso, had visited San Francisco in April for a series of performances.

Following an appearance as Don Jose in Carmen at the city's Grand Opera House, a strong jolt awakened Caruso at on the morning of the 18th in his suite at the Palace Hotel. He found himself in the middle of the San Francisco earthquake , which led to a series of fires that destroyed most of the city. The Met lost all the sets, costumes and musical instruments that it had brought on tour but none of the artists was harmed.

Holding an autographed photo of President Theodore Roosevelt , Caruso ran from the hotel, but was composed enough to walk to the St. Francis Hotel for breakfast.

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Charlie Olson, the broiler cook, made the tenor bacon and eggs. He vowed never to return to San Francisco and kept his word. The police accused him of pinching the buttocks of a married woman. Caruso claimed a monkey did the bottom-pinching. He was found guilty and fined 10 dollars, although suspicions linger that he may have been entrapped by the victim and the arresting officer. The leaders of New York's opera-going high society were outraged initially by the incident, which received widespread newspaper coverage, but they soon forgot about it and continued to attend Caruso's Met performances.

Members of America's middle classes also paid to hear him sing—or buy copies of his recordings—and he enjoyed a substantial following among New York's , Italian immigrants. The composer conceived the music for Johnson with Caruso's voice specifically in mind.

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Toscanini, then the Met's principal conductor, presided in the orchestra pit. Caruso's success in the Metropolitan Opera drew the attention of Black Hand extortionists. In , he was paid the enormous sum of 10, U. Caruso did extensive charity work during the conflict, raising money for war-related patriotic causes by giving concerts and participating enthusiastically in Liberty Bond drives. The tenor had shown himself to be a shrewd businessman since arriving in America. He put a sizable proportion of his earnings from record royalties and singing fees into a range of investments.

Ada had left her husband, manufacturer Gino Botti, and an existing son to cohabit with the tenor. Information provided in Scott's biography of Caruso suggests that she was his vocal coach as well as his lover.

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Giachetti's subsequent attempts to sue him for damages were dismissed by the courts. Towards the end of the war, Caruso met and courted a year-old socialite, Dorothy Park Benjamin — She was the daughter of a wealthy New York patent lawyer. In spite of the disapproval of Dorothy's father, the couple wed on 20 August They had a daughter, Gloria Caruso — Dorothy wrote two biographies of Caruso, published in and The books include many of Caruso's letters to his wife.

A fastidious dresser, Caruso took at least two baths a day and enjoyed good food and convivial company.

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Caruso was superstitious and habitually carried several good-luck charms with him when he sang. He played cards for relaxation and sketched friends, other singers and musicians. His wife, Dorothy said that by the time she knew him, her husband's favorite hobby was compiling scrapbooks. He also amassed valuable collections of rare postage stamps, coins, watches and antique snuffboxes.

Caruso was a heavy smoker of strong Egyptian cigarettes, too. This deleterious habit, combined with a lack of exercise and the punishing schedule of performances that Caruso willingly undertook season after season at the Met, may have contributed to the persistent ill-health which afflicted the last year of his life. He recorded several discs including the Domine Deus and Crucifixus from the Petite messe solennelle by Rossini.

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These recordings were to be his last. Dorothy Caruso noted that her husband's health began a distinct downward spiral in late after he returned from a lengthy North American concert tour. In his biography, Enrico Caruso, Jr.

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A falling pillar in Samson and Delilah on 3 December had hit him on the back, over the left kidney and not on the chest as popularly reported. It appeared to be a severe episode of bronchitis. Caruso's physician, Philip Horowitz, who usually treated him for migraine headaches with a kind of primitive TENS unit , diagnosed "intercostal neuralgia" and pronounced him fit to appear on stage, although the pain continued to hinder his voice production and movements.

During a performance of L'elisir d'amore by Donizetti at the Brooklyn Academy of Music on December 11, , he suffered a throat haemorrhage and the performance was canceled at the end of Act 1. By Christmas Day, the pain in his side was so excruciating that he was screaming. Enter Barbarina, as if seeking something that she had lost.

Entrano Figaro e Marcellina. Enter Figaro and Marcellina. Perhaps; but this, at most, gives you a right, now, to be suspicious, and take in time precaution; it has taught nothing certain.