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A soldier deviates when they choose not to follow orders to kill an innocent civilian. An employee in a big tech company deviates when they blow the whistle. In authoritarian regimes, resistance or protest is deviant. In this sense, creativity is also a deviation.

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Here, too, things are complex. Thinking creatively has given us modern medicine, technology and modern political structures, but it has also given us cyanide, nuclear weapons and bots that threaten democracy. Great benefit and great harm can come from the same human tendency.

In a research paper, Evil Genius , published in , the behavioural scientists Francesca Gino and Scott Wiltermuth wanted to examine whether people who behave unethically in one task are more creative than others on a subsequent task, even after controlling for differences in baseline creative skills. The unethical behaviour they chose was dishonesty. Over five experiments researchers gave participants tasks in which they could cheat. In the first study, they were given matrixes and had to find two numbers that added up to This shows participants three words at a time that appear to be unrelated, and the person has to think of a fourth word that is associated with all of them.

The more you get right, the more creative you are thought to be because you have come up with uncommon associations. For every one of the five studies, they found the same thing — participants who cheated in the first task did better on the creativity task.

Like other forms of unethical behaviour, lying means breaking rules. It involves being deviant, going against the social principle that people should tell the truth.

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They involve similar thought patterns, so stimulating one stimulates the other. Can we learn from this?

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To be more creative, we could try lying in a controlled environment. Find online logic games and cheat at them, play Scrabble with a dictionary, or write a story about something that is untrue?

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Such tasks can get our brains thinking flexibly, beyond our normal comfort zone. This is not a call to become a pathological liar, but a controlled liar. New generation workspaces often intentionally create physical and social structures that are abnormal. Of course, this can go too far.

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Some tech companies have certainly deviated from, or broken the rules, in ways that have negative impacts beyond Silicon Valley. Perhaps rapid creativity cannot exist without occasional wrongdoing, or perhaps we need to make sure that when ideas are turned into action, we re-engage our less deviant thinking.

In addition to benefits for creativity, deviance can be a good thing in other ways. Even Philip Zimbardo, the author of the Stanford prison experiment, who showed how easily we can be led to behave badly, believes that the future of deviance research may lie more in understanding extreme pro-social behaviour, such as heroism.

Like evil, we often view heroism as only a possibility for outliers — for people who are abnormal. But this should be liberating, not disappointing.

We are all capable of behaving like outliers. All people, including you, are capable of great harm.

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Deviate from what the rest of the world is saying, and avoid dehumanising others. Unfettered thinking is important, but reapply your morality when you turn your ideas into action. Steeped in biblical truth and peppered with historical and personal perspectives, this richly spiritual, yet practical book is full of insight and revelation that will nourish your spirit day by day.

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For this reason the subject addressed by this book is one of the most important for our times. Description: The ministry of the apostle is the linchpin ministry of the church, and without it the church cannot Its weapons are not physical but spiritual, and this gathering will be the most powerful force on earth.

This book is a call to be part of the greatest adventure and the most important cause there will ever be. Army of the Dawn is both a prophecy and a training manual. It is written to inform, inspire, and provide practical instruction for those who are called to follow the King and turn an upside down world right side up.

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