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If you want to go a little lighter in character, how about one or two of the innumerable Heifetz arrangements? Many are featured on Perlman's "violin encores" album. For example the arrangements of the Gershwin piano preludes. I guarantee your pianist already knows them thoroughly. The tune "It Ain't Necessarily So" is a gorgeous piece also.

Everyone loves the Drdla Souvenir. I'm sure I'll think of more as I'm drifting off to sleep. The Franck lovers might like a movement or two from one of the Brahms sonatas. It's a gorgeous piece. It's a little technical in spots, but not like Paganini or anything.

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I've played the Dvorak Romance previously, yes. I did the Tchaikovsky Meditation a little while ago but haven't played the Melodie. I have sort of wanted to do the Valse-Scherzo but my teacher deems it to require a lot of practice time for an insufficiently rewarding result. The Gershwin suggestion is excellent. I love the Drdla Souvenir; I planned to put it on a recital program back in my 20s, learned it, and never got around to presenting that recital I was going to split a program with a friend of mine.

Malcolm, I'd never heard that Smetana work before. Really enjoyed listening to it. And Nicolette always seems to be popular. Estrellita as arranged by Heifetz. Coincidentally last night I looked at a book I bought a few weeks ago in a charity shop called The Golden Album of Violin solos.

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I think the Souvenir is very beautiful. Here is a great recording on YouTube. They're witty, playful and fun to watch, and they work well with each other. He left the latter last year.

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  4. Les méditations cathodiques (ESSAI ET DOC) (French Edition).

In this piece, a pair of friends who have frequently worked together in the theater as playwright and director are wrapping up a medium-budget movie. They've already sacrificed their original vision to the moneymen, represented on stage by Rueben, and now they're down to the final shot: a long take showing a group of Marines who've been doing war exercises on Guam, running along a beach on a diagonal while the sun sets behind them.

Director Robert has staked his reputation and integrity on this several-minutes-long shot, which he intends as a poetic meditation on Apparently, Robert has something similarly evocative in mind; he's hoping that this expensive piece of film will somehow redeem the entire project. Jeff, the playwright, remains cynical. And eventually, Robert's plans are frustrated by his comically inept assistant, C. Presented by Miners Alley through September 19, , www.

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The dialogue is sharp, with an edge of rue, and there's interesting use of repetition; once in a while, you feel things could be tightened or cut. John Lodico as Robert and Kent Randell as Jeff have good comic timing, and -- in their very different ways -- charm. Kellie Rae Rockey does well as the goony C.

Randell, too, approaches this dangerous edge when he urges Lodico to contemplate the significance of the cows' presence in Yale Drama School terms. You have successfully signed up for your selected newsletter s - please keep an eye on your mailbox, we're movin' in! The Guest Lecturer is the more absurd and over-the-top of the two plays -- a mixture of reality and illusion, with lots of theater in-jokes tossed into the stew.

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A small regional theater, unable to sustain itself by staging the usual shows, has hit on the device of inviting in a series of guest lecturers and killing them, one by one, as a sort of sacrifice to the gods of theater. As a result of this practice, audiences have increased, and life in the town itself has improved. New Releases. Free delivery worldwide. Expected to be delivered to Germany by Christmas. Description Lynn Freeman Olson's music has enchanted several generations of students and teachers. His legacy lives on in this series of books that have been pulled from his most loved sheet music solos.


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