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John Orsino. Brian Goodwin. Wilmer Difo. Bryce Harper. Ryan Zimmerman. Anthony Rendon. Most Consecutively In Any Inning. Woodie Held. Paul Foytack. Pedro Ramos. Tito Francona. Larry Brown. Dan Pfister. Bob Allison.

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Jimmie Hall. Vern Handrahan. Manny Ramirez. Chase Wright. Mike Lowell. Jason Varitek. Jim Thome. Joel Peralta. Paul Konerko.

Extra Innings offers players the chance to keep the bat on the ball all year long!

Alexei Ramirez. Juan Uribe.

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Robinson Tejeda. Eddie Mathews. Jim Maloney. Hank Aaron. Joe Adcock.

Marshall Bridges. Frank Thomas. Did you know that on May 1, , the Boston Braves played the Brooklyn Dodgers in a twenty-six inning game where neither club hit a home run setting the Major League record for longest game without a home run by either team? Seven of them were hit with nobody on base setting the Major League record for most home runs in a game with nobody on base. On September 4, , eight players from the Cincinnati Reds hit a home run in a game versus the Philadelphia Phillies setting a Major League record for most players with a home run during a game. Privacy Policy.

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Hosted by Hosting 4 Less. History All-Star Game A. Record Setting Team s. New York [8 in Game 1]. New York [5 in Game 2]. Milwaukee [8 in Game 1]. Milwaukee [4 in Game 2]. New York. San Francisco. Kansas City.

Players with at least 6 hits in a 9-inning game

Los Angeles. Bill Hall. Damian Miller. Brady Clark. Prince Fielder. Jeff Kent. Russell Martin. Trevor Hoffman. Marlon Anderson. Adam LaRoche.

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Dave Bush. Miguel Montero.

Now imagine trying to do that six times in a nine-inning game -- a task made all the more difficult because you're also dependent upon your teammates having big. Now imagine trying to do that six times in a nine-inning game -- a task made all the more difficult because you're also dependent upon your teammates having big games so that you can get to the plate at least six times.

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In August , Christian Yelich went 6-for-6 in a inning win over the Reds while also recording his first career cycle. The last player in the Major Leagues to hit for the cycle and get six hits? Ian Kinsler in Alfonso Soriano was the last player to get six hits in a game that went extra innings, but he collected his six hits in nine innings. Here are the players in big league history to accomplish this remarkable feat since , including one -- the Pirates' Rennie Stennett -- who collected seven hits in a game:.